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First, as a representative of Port Of Taichung, Taiwan International Ports Corporation, Ltd., I hereby welcome you to the Taichung Harbor Global Website. 

Because of computers and communication technology, today's world has become a village. The basics of economic trade development in the world is goods flowing, especially sea freight, which is still an important factor in the building of world prosperity. As one of the participants of this endeavor, we have had success because of our efforts. This has brought us great honor.

Taichung Port, one of four international commercial ports in Taiwan, launched its first sail since October 31st, 1976. Its total area up to 3793 ha. is the biggest among the others. At present, there are 50 wharfs, 16 specialized zones and 3 free trade zones. Until now, 63 businesses have made investment there with a total capital of NTD 486 billion.

Taichung Port, characterized by broad lands and convenient transportation, is fit for BOT or BOO project and development of free trade port zone. Lately, the port has harvested a lot because the actions were actively taken to attract investments. As for the project about promotion of investment from private sectors, within 7 years (between 2003 and 2009), Chinfong Group, Dragon Steel Co., Topfood Industry Co., Chinese Petroleum Corp., Taiwan Fertilizer Co., China Hi-Ment Corp., NEW CHIEN TE HANG Co., The Beaming Co., and Yu-Ching-Ton Co., all have signed the letters of interest and will make investments with a capital of NTD 272.2 billion. This portion will lead to elevation of cargo volume up to 16.0 million metric tons and provision of more than 1000 job opportunities and growth of local economies in the near future.
As for the promotion of free trade port zone, Taichung Free Trade Port Zone launched its operations on October 31st, 2005. So far, there are totally 28 free trade businesses. As for the operation performance of free trade port zone, the trade volume of cargo (including exports and imports) amounted to 2.65 million metric tons respectively in 2010. Both achievements were the best among 4 domestic seaport free trade zones(Keelung, Taipei, Taichung and Kaohsiung).
As for the cargo handled annually, the total volume exceeded 90 million metric tons in both 2006 & 2007. In 2010, the demand for raw material increased rapidly.However, under the endeavor and cooperation of the staff, the total volume reached 107.03 million metric tons, raiseing only by 19.98% compared to that of 2009. Although Taiwan was unexceptionally plagued by global recession, it is good news that cross strait direct shipping between Taiwan and Mainland China was launched on Dec. 15, 2008. In order to cope with drastic change in marine transportation, Taichung Harbor Bureau has readjusted port management strategy and will focus on developing as Container Feeder Port, Distribution Center for Agricultral & Indigenous produce, Free Trade & Logistic Center, Transshipment Shipping Center for Oil and providing Passenger & Freight services across the strait. With the optimistically expected benefit of cross strait direct shipping and after those BOT/BOO projects start to operate, the total volume of cargo shalll reach the milestone of 110 million metric tons in the near future.

At present, there are lands of 523 ha. and 114 ha. left for rent respectively in the specialized zone and free trade port zone. We sincerely welcome the investments and establishment of businesses to Taichung Port, not only by all sectors but Taiwan businessmen in Mainland China as well.

In our website, you can learn the past, present and future of Taichung Port, as well as the location, port plan, the climate and environment of the local waters. The site also has information on equipment, main shipping lines, services, and the latest information concerning construction and berths. In the links section, you can link to other international ports, including the main business ports in the world.

We have been working hard with ambition towards our goal of serving the country for economic development and freight advantage, and providing the best service to customers. Of course, we always welcome your suggestions for how we can improve our services.

Lastly, thank you for your visit

Best Regards,
President : Chen, Shao-Liang

President e-mail:
Tel: 886-4-26571919


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